Delivering Gourmet Wellness and Social Change

Balfour’s Kitchen produces plant based, immune boosting meals for people with a primary focus on their health or with medicinal needs. Our core belief is that the private sector should contribute socially to the communities they operate in. Accordingly, for every Balfour’s Kitchen meal we sell, we will provide a free meal to a person or family who is food insecure, hungry or in need of healthy medicinal nutrition.

Our Why . . .

Food as medicine! Great food can nurture and heal and we believe that it can be made delicious, affordable and accessible to those who need it while providing both significant profit to our company and tremendous social benefit to our communities.

Food with Benefits

Balfour’s Kitchen is a start-up prepared meal delivery service that provides fully cooked meals to customers with a targeted focus on:

  • Health (nutritional and medicinal)
  • Convenience
  • Gourmet experience
  • Social conscience

A Company with Benefits

Balfour’s Kitchen is a for-profit business structured with an equal responsibility to its shareholders and the communities it operates in.

Balfour’s Kitchen’s two primary corporate mandates are to provide strong returns to its shareholders as well as deliver resources to organizations that help people who are food insecure, hungry and/or in need of medicinal, nutritious meals that boost immune systems and meet dietary requirements.

Bowls are
the First Course

Balfour’s Kitchen is a prepared meal service with affordable immune boosting, nutrient rich, gourmet, plant-based soups and gluten-free bowls with direct delivery to homes of;

  • Our focus group for the experience and to receive input, feedback and direction,
  • Customers seeking healthy meal options,
  • Customers with medicinal needs – people undergoing cancer treatment, or with other chronic illness such as diabetes, digestive disorders and autoimmune diseases.

    Cooking Up
    Health & Wellness


    • Highly-trained nutritionists and gourmet chefs have crafted several delicious soup and bowl recipes that include immune boosting ingredients and healing agents.
    • To fulfill our social mandate, Balfour’s Kitchen will donate one bowl unit for every bowl unit that goes to our focus group or is sold.
    • The donated bowls will go to non-profit food organizations that serve people in need.

    Minimum Viable Proposition (MVP)

    • Prior to the launch, Balfour’s Kitchen will conduct a 9 to 12 month Pre-Launch period using the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) process as a prototype to test the core value proposition and primary assumptions of the Balfour’s Kitchen business model.
    • Input from our select focus group is critical to the MVP process that will include R&D, Product Development, Surveys, Proof of Concept, etc.
    • The Pre-Launch MVP process will ensure Balfour’s Kitchen will be profitable in it’s first year of operation while providing an equal social benefit to people in need.

        Proof of Concept


        • The 9 to 12 month Pre-Launch period and MVP process will focus on supplying healthy soups and bowls to people dealing with cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses.


        • Balfour’s Kitchen will work directly with non-profit hunger organizations and treatment centers in the Southern California area to develop and distribute our healthy bowls to our focus group and to people in need while we develop and plan our west coast and national expansion.

        The Balfour’s Kitchen Promise

        Balfour’s Kitchen will be a profitable business created to meet our core values of generating a strong ROI for our shareholders with a commitment to the communities we operate in by providing resources that benefit people who are food insecure, undergoing medical treatment and in need. The next steps for Balfour’s Kitchen is to;

        1) engage with other health and diet experts while continuing to develop recipes that follow the principles of evidence-based nutrition,

         2) work with MVP focus group to develop recipes, expand menus, and perfect packaging and delivery methods,

         3) work in unison non-profit hunger organizations and treatment centers to deliver nutritious bowls to people in need.

             Let’s Work Together!

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