What's Cooking?

Balfour’s Bowls, that’s what. Our plant-based, organic, gourmet bowls are packed with immunity boosting ingredients and chock-full of healing nutrients. Our recipes are low calorie, low carbohydrates (with zero added sugar), low fat*, gluten and dairy free. Primarily developed for those with medicinal needs seeking wholesome, prepared meal alternatives, our bowls are also ideal for anyone aiming to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle.


We are constantly developing new recipes to add to our menu, so check back regularly or click here to receive email notifications on the most recent additions. In the meantime, get healthy and stay healthy with Balfour’s Bowls.

* For those seeking a higher caloric intake, Balfour’s Kitchen makes delectable dietary enhancers, a.k.a.  “fat bombs” among the Keto crowd, that can be added to any of our low-fat bowls to boost the fat and calorie content and suit a variety of dietary needs.